Just Electronics Ltd., SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7AH  © Just Electronics Ltd. 2012 Just Electronics provides a comprehensive selection of services to commercial customers in a wide range of industry sectors.  By using us as your Contract Electronics Manufacturing partner, you could benefit in a number of ways: Simplified Purchasing and Storage We can purchase all (or some) of the parts needed to assemble your product, which could reduce your own stockholding and purchasing overheads. Better Use Of Resources Free up your own personnel to do the important work, while we look after the assembly work, inspection, and testing, and even distribution to your end customers. KanBan Manufacturing Process We accept orders which are to be delivered in regular multiple drops, or according to your customer's needs.  We try to be as flexible as possible if you have a sudden mass demand for your product. Online Project Monitoring Our in-house computer database (JEMS) is available securely to customers over the Internet, so you can keep track of what is happening via a web browser. Final Assembly and Shipping We build complete products for some customers, fitting the boards we have assembled into their product cases, testing the overall unit, then packaging it into the finished carton ready to be shipped to their stores, or to their end customer.  We have good contacts with courier companies to be able to ship anywhere in the world. On-shore Manufacturing We keep our prices as keen as possible, but the assembly work happens here in Surrey. It is easy to get in touch with us, and we can often turn round jobs in ultra-quick time. There are many more ways in which we can help you to make your production as efficient and smooth as possible. We cannot list everything here, but please click on the links below to find out a bit more:
020 8241 6959 info@justelex.com No Limits   We are very keen to become your manufacturing partner, so we don't limit ourselves in what we will do for our customers. If there is something that you need someone else to handle for you, but it isn't listed on our pages, please just give us a ring, or send us an email.  Don't hesitate - Just ask! Industry Sectors Automotive Avionics Computers Healthcare Image Scanning Laminators Lighting Medical Petroleum Robotics Shipping Telecommunications