Just Electronics Ltd., SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7AH  © Just Electronics Ltd. 2012 Just Electronics welcomes inventors. We can help you turn your design idea into a real product. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect patent applications. Give us a ring to find out more 020 8241 6959 info@justelex.com Design Work Perhaps you have the germ of a product idea, but need some assistance in getting it onto paper. May be you have the circuit diagram and parts list, or even a sample product, but need a circuit board layout created. At Just Electronics we have some electronics design experience in house, but also have close links with electronics engineers in various technology fields, and local PCB layout designers. We can make sure you are in touch with the right people to get your product from the idea stage to a working model, and if you need a prototype built, we can help with that as well!     Prototype Manufacture Once you have your design on paper, you need it turned into something physical.  We can have just a single PCB made in a few days, and then populate it so that you can try it out before committing to a larger quantity. Even if the board uses mainly SMD components, we can manually place surface-mounted components without a screen for first off boards. If you have the components available already, we can use those, or we can purchase the components as well - just let us know what you need us to do. If you then decide to go for a small production run, we are happy to build any quantities from one upwards! Test Engineering One of our founder directors started his career in Test Engineering, and has continued his involvement in it during subsequent years.  We test many of the products we assemble, and can offer assistance in designing test solutions, from simple meter measurements, to computer- controlled systems. Testing at the earliest possible stage of production is the most cost-effective method, so we are happy to implement your own test procedures, but may be able to make them more production- friendly. We are here to help, so please feel free to pick our brains!