Just Electronics Ltd., SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7AH  © Just Electronics Ltd. 2012 How do home electronics products know exactly when the guarantee runs out,  and fail a few days later?  Have you got a Hi-Fi hiding in a cupboard somewhere, not working, but too valuable to throw away? Has something gone wrong with your computer, but the shop you bought it from doesn't want to know?   Don’t despair - help is at hand! Many electronic items can be repaired once they are out of warranty, and Just Electronics have good contacts with companies who can supply hard-to-get spare parts. Give us a ring on 020 8241 6959 - or drop us an email - to see if we can help get your electronic goods back into working order.     Don’t bin it - Just repair it!  We are completely independent, so we'll give you unbiased and honest advice.  We tend to specialise in smaller items, rather than "white goods", but please contact us to discuss possibilities.  We will give you an estimate before spending your money, and don’t usually charge for just looking. We can accept items for repair here at our premises, or - depending on your location - we can arrange to come to you.  We can't promise to repair every possible item, but we'll certainly try!   020 8241 6959 info@justelex.com Some recent repairs Mobile Phones Laptop Computers Media Players Radio-controlled Cars Power Tool Chargers IPod Amplified Speakers Hi-fi Separates Headphones Bath Lift Electronic Chess Set PC Motherboards