Just Electronics Ltd., SBC House, Restmor Way, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7AH  © Just Electronics Ltd. 2012 All of us at Just Electronics have worked in the electronics industry for a number of years - decades in some cases! - and have experience of contract manufacturing from both inside and out.  We know the sorts of things that can be major headaches to customers, because we have been on the receiving end ourselves, so we make a real effort to avoid those same mistakes. Quality Everyone says it, but we are the ones who answer to our customers, and we don't like having to apologise! We are working towards ISO9001 approval, but in the mean time, we do take the quality of our completed work very seriously indeed. On-time delivery As far as it is within our control, we keep to our promised delivery times. Our standard terms are 20 working days from receipt of order, but we often achieve faster turn-rounds. If we do experience delays, we will let you know as soon as we find out, so that you can put recovery plans into action as soon as possible. Flexibility We know that designs and plans can change during the life or manufacture of a product, or even a batch of boards. We will do everything possible to incorporate these changes, and customers are welcome to visit us to oversee things in our workshop. Experience We have backgrounds in various branches of electronics, including contract manufacture, telecomms, test engineering, and purchasing, in large and small companies, local, national, and international - so there are not too many things that take us by surprise. Personal Touch Every customer has specific needs and priorities, and these are very important to us as well. The Purchase Order cannot always give the whole story, so we are happy to fill in missing details by telephone, fax, or email, to make sure we are providing exactly what you need.  When you ring us, you can talk directly to the people who are doing the work, so there shouldn't be any details "lost in transit".  We welcome visits at almost any time, but if you can let us know in advance, we'll make sure the coffee's ready!   Added Extras     Project Management  If you just need your board or product built, and don't want to be involved in the day-to-day concerns of manufacture, we can take the weight off your shoulders. We can handle every stage from purchasing through to delivery to your end customer, and even have links with designers to get your product from paper to reality. Just let us know which stages you would like us to look after, and you can be free to concentrate on the rest. Administration and Web Access We use a computer database that was developed in house to keep control of all our day-to-day administration.  Much of the information which is of interest to each customer can be viewed over the Internet (with secure individual logins) at any time of day.  We are very happy to talk to you over the phone, but if you prefer, you can keep track of things using a web browser, and only ring us if you really need to.     020 8241 6959 info@justelex.com